TOPIC : Obstetric and Gynecology Emergency FOAM

Hi All,

Here’s my collection of FOAM resources for Obstetric and Gynecology Emergencies.

You can find the original ACEP guidelines here, they are summarized by EMCrit’s Dr. Scott Weingart’s Practical Evidence Podcast #3 – ACEP 2012 Management of Early Pregnancy

  1. Emergencies in Pregnancy

    1. An entertaining review is provided by the dynamic duo at FOAMCast and cover most common Pregnancy Emergencies from Tintinalli and Rosen and also inspired by the above post from They cover:
      • First Trimester Bleed
      • Abdominal Pain and
      • Pre-Eclampsia
  2. Ectopic Pregnancy

  3. Vaginal Bleed

    1. EMBasic provides an approach to First Trimester Vaginal Bleed
  4. Female Abdominal Pain

    1. EMBasic does another excellent coverage of Female Abdominal Pain

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